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Starting Rates for Murals

South Philly Backyard,  residential exterior mural completed September 2023.  Approx. 13 ft. total length, 7 ft. tall. Latex on cinder block, approximately 52 hours on-site.

Yes, I would love to create a custom mural for your business or residence! I've designed and created murals of varying magnitudes for interior and exterior spaces, public and private alike, and I truly believe in the transformative magic of paint. Please read the following information carefully, which will include many important factors to consider. Whenever you're ready to begin the process, please contact me to schedule your 1-hour site visit!


Last updated 2023.09.04

Original Design: This step is not required for all projects. To be determined after site-visit.

  • Design Phase 1: 200.00. Includes 3 basic, loosely hand-drawn “thumbnail sketches” in colored pencil or watercolor that serve as a “jumping off point” for your project.

  • Design Phase 2: 150.00 each. I take one (or more) of your sketches from Phase 1 and create a larger, detailed, hand-painted, to-scale rendering of your design as it would be seen in your space.


Materials: To be determined upon surface condition, location, and design.

              * Including but not limited to: primer, paint, sealer, brushes, rollers, trays, buckets, tape, plastic       sheeting etc.

              * Expect higher materials costs for exterior projects


  • Starting Hourly Rate for Indoor Projects: 32/hour 

  • Starting Hourly Rates for Outdoor Projects: 40/hour

  • Starting Hourly Rate for Hazardous Projects: 50/hour

               *Including but not limited to: projects that require scaffolding or scissor lift, high-traffic areas,

                 high-exposure areas, toxic/flammable chemicals (see below).

Other factors that can impact costs:

  • Design: Designs that are large, complex, or particularly detailed will require longer to complete. Your

               project may or may not necessitate a preliminary design phase (to be determined after site visit).*

       *Scope/Scale: Larger designs- especially at high elevations- will require longer to complete.

       *Location: Interior vs. Exterior? Exterior projects are more challenging to schedule (due to weather) and

              also pose more potential health and safety risks (heat, sun, traffic, air quality, poison ivy, insects,

              crime/theft/vandalism, personal safety/security etc)

        *Distance: Mileage and/or housing costs may be added to projects located 31 miles or more from zip

              code 19050.

 * Hazards/Obstacles/Security: The difficulty and hazard level of a mural varies dramatically from project

        to project. For example: a project that requires use of a ladder (especially a tall ladder- not to

        mention a scaffold or scissor lift) is both more time-consuming and more dangerous to my

        personal safety. Outdoor locations pose their own challenges as well as risks to my health and

        safety (see above). Projects that require the use of particularly hazardous or toxic chemicals

        (especially in poorly-ventilated areas) introduce additional risks and complications.

*Surface: Some surfaces will require more prep work than others. Yours may need to be primed and/or

        sanded first, especially if your surface is brand-new or rough/porous. Designs on textured walls- such as            cinderblock or stucco- may also require longer to execute as painting on an uneven surface is more           

        difficult than painting on a smooth surface.

* Space: The space itself will impact the progress on your mural. How much daily access will I have to the space

       during the process? Does your space have access to running water and waste-water disposal? Is it 

       ventilated? Can materials be securely left in place overnight or is storage required? Is there storage

       on-site?Is the space still going to be in use (for either residential or business purposes) while the painting

       is in progress? Do we need to account for foot traffic through the space? If your space is exposed to the     

       public and may draw the curiosity of on-lookers, your project may take longer. Other factors to be 

      discussed and determined during your site visit.


  • To begin the process, please contact me to schedule your 1-hour site visit! To ensure the highest quality of work, please allow ample time for the creation of your mural. Date of completion will depend on the time of year, location, size and complexity of your design.

  • Indoor projects can be scheduled for the months of January, February, March, July and August, with some exceptions.

  • Outdoor projects can be scheduled for the months of April, May, June, September and October, with some exceptions. **Please note that outdoor projects are impacted by the daily weather and can only take place under favorable conditions.**

  •  A non-refundable materials fee may be required at project start. Any remaining project balance will be due within 30 days of receipt of your final invoice. Late payments will be subject to 20% interest after 7 days, and 5% for each additional week. I am more than happy to work with you to set up a payment plan!








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