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Houses of Lansdowne: An Artist's Pandemic Project, Vol. 1 

In the summer of 2023 I self-published a book that includes every painting in my Houses of Lansdowne series, including custom paintings completed during 2020 and 2021, as well as a handful of essays and musings about my work on the project.  

Paypal - $30/copy

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Venmo - $30/copy (@Erica-Harney, #2535)
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Etsy - $35/copy

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"I just got to spend the quality time with your book that it deserves. Wow. Obviously I love your painting, but I love your writing too. It was fascinating to learn so much about the houses and the project and get a glimpse into your beautiful neighborhood. I truly felt like I just took a walk with you, admiring all the character and love that emanates from those houses. You captured their personalities so well, from the details on the house to the landscape. I've always loved walking around and admiring architecture and flora. What a fun way to be able to share this project with the world! Well done my friend. I do hope there is a volume 2 . I actually teared up when I finished. I'm so proud of you!"

-Amy, 2023

"OMG! Can I gush all over!  I just love it.  It is great.

I was attracted to this quirky little town when my husband would drive me home to South Philadelphia and we would snake through to get on Plumstead.  I loved the houses and you captured them beautifully....I love having my house in the book too! Looking forward to volume 2.  You definitely made lemonade out of lemons during the pandemic with this project."

-Brenda, 2023

"Erica is a talented artist and I loved reading about her thought process behind her collection of home paintings. The level of time, dedication, passion and detail she put into each painting is very impressive!"

-Sara, 2023

"Shipped with care, came extremely fast. Thank you! I grew up in Lansdowne (70/80/90s).... I found your paintings on Instagram, i suppose through the pandemic. When I look at your pictures of Lansdowne homes, I feel like a kid again, walking or riding through the streets of Lansdowne. I have many wonderful memories. I can't wait to show my mother, who also grew up in Lansdowne (the house where she grew up is actually one of your paintings)-. Thank you for this, this book is wonderful."

-Liesl, 2023

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