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Selected Scenic Work 

Behind the scenes...
One of my many artistic pursuits has been painting backdrops and scenery for theatrical and stage productions, television, museums, and all sorts of interesting "uncategorizable" projects. As the Scenic Painter, I am usually one step in a long process and I often don't see my work after it's out of my hands. Scenery- whether it's created for the stage, a museum, a commercial- is usually built and painted offsite and then packed up into a truck and loaded into the performance space or venue.

I began to dabble in Scenic Art while an undergraduate at Alfred University working on my BFA in Drawing and Painting. I was an unofficial Performing Arts minor and if I wasn't in Harder Hall (the art building) I was probably down the road in the Miller Performing Arts Center! I began painting scenery "full time-ish" after moving to Philadelphia in 2011. Over the years, I have worked  routinely with companies such as Opera Philadelphia, Opera Delaware, Opera Baltimore and First State Ballet (Wilmington, DE). For several years I was the Scenic Charge at the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA. Up until the initial COVID-19 Lockdown in March of 2020, I had been working for HBO on the set of Mare of Easttown (produced by and starring Kate Winslet), which was set and shot in and around the western Philadelphia suburbs.

Working as a Scenic Artist has brought me to many other kinds of projects, too! I've painted and created scenery for museums, churches, hospitals, partners such as the DARPA Robotics Challenge, the Holocaust and Humanities Center in Cincinnati, OH; Ronzoni Pasta, the John James Audubon Center in Audubon, PA , the Philadelphia Mummers Parade, Comedy Central, The Friends Experience- and, most recently- the Icon of the Seas, the world's largest cruise ship (December 2023).

Again, it's rare that I see these completed projects once they leave my workshop (and even then, it's rare to be able to get proper photos) so I don't have pictures of everything that I'd like to share with you. In fact, I often work on projects that I don't even have PERMISSION to share (I've had to sign more than one NDA in my time!). However, you will see a wide range of projects that I hope you find interesting, including some murals, illustrations, and other cool stuff :)

You can also check out my Resume and CV for more information about my background and experience. 
Verdi's RIGOLETTO. Designed by Jefferson Ridenour for Opera Delaware and Opera Baltimore. 2023
Photo: on stage at the Stephens Theatre in Towson, MD, courtesy of Moonloop Photography

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