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Artist Statement
Always evolving, last updated 2022.02

I use paint to create work that interprets and/or transforms the experience of a “scene.” Most of my inspiration comes from the physical world as I have witnessed it, and my own photos often serve as jumping-off points into the creation of an image or space. As a painter I am particularly interested in manipulating the dynamics between foreground and background, representation and invention, structure and play. These interests resonate throughout every aspect of my creative practice regardless of the discipline- a painting, a mural, a theatrical backdrop, my living studio space. While drawing and painting have always been my primary media I have also been trained as a dancer, actor, and musician and spent a significant part of my childhood and early adulthood in the theatre. These experiences- along with many years of working as a professional scenic artist and muralist- have colored every aspect of my artistic practice as well as how I perceive and curate the physical space in my own life. There is considerable overlap between my studio work and my theatrical work, both in concept and in execution: I will frequently incorporate leftover scenic materials and byproducts into a painting or mural. It is not unusual for a painting or an entire body of work to be inspired or influenced by the reusing or upcycling of materials. The Lockdown of March 2020 precipitated what I considered my “Quarantine Artist Residency” and through the end of 2021 I focused mainly on watercolors, allowing me to work through several ideas very quickly. As of January of 2022 I have been transitioning back into creating larger oil paintings which are inherently more experimental and meandering.   


Stockade. Oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas (triptych) 2013

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