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Artist Statement

The World Without Us, 2023.10.26

My current body of work depicts colorful, kaleidoscopic scenes of post-human environments where the landscape has begun the process of “re-wilding.” This series was originally inspired by the 2007 book by Alan Weisman, The World Without Us, where the author describes- in great deal- a hypothetical world free from human intervention. The work has been deeply influenced by my interest and participation in environmental efforts as well as my professional work as a scenic artist for theatre, tv and museums.


Each painting is constructed from scrap muslin and lumber offcuts from past projects and often utilizes leftover scenic paint. The palette and underpainting are derived from used stir sticks that I have been collecting for several years. Sometimes I’ll even incorporate dried paint that has been peeled from mixing buckets. Whenever possible I allow myself to be inspired by materials that I already have on-hand and/or have salvaged.


The imagery that is woven through each scene is usually taken directly from or inspired by my own travels and adventures through nature and is layered in a way reminiscent of a theatrical set. The painting embodies elements of organic development, chance occurrences, and deliberate fabrication and manipulation, celebrating nature and wilderness while helping to keep excess materials out of landfills. The viewer is invited to suspend their own disbelief and imagine themselves in an entirely new world.

The World Without Us: End Days (Every Other Wednesday)
12 x 12" oil and acrylic on panel
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