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Doubt  60 x 36." oil on canvas. 2009

Doubt, 2009


This painting was originally created during the winter-spring of 2009.  At that time, I was working towards my Masters of Fine Arts at the Pennsylvania State University. Originally a diptych (two panels), I ultimately decided that the painting worked better as a single panel and removed the other side.

Since its creation in central Pennsylvania in 2009, this image has taken on new lives on opposite ends of the state. In 2021, it became the album art for Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Anne Eliza's debut album, I Wish You Well. 

In 2022, the painting was reimagined on a smaller scale, in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media on paper. The painting also evolved to include new and embellished imagery. This new painting, entitled Wicked World, was designed for a book cover. Wicked World: Poems of Philadelphia, is the latest volume of poetry by Ernest Yates.

Doubt resides with one of my most loyal collectors, also based in Pittsburgh.

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Anne Eliza, I Wish You Well

Producing/Recording/Mixing: Allegheny City Sound

Mastering: Abbey Road Studios

Art: Erica Harney

Design: Ryan Hizer

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Wicked World Cover.jpg

Ernest Yates, Wicked World: Poems of Philadelphia


ON THE SUPERFICIALITY OF ART How can poetry be anything besides deceit? How else can poets adapt to emptiness? When the masters discovered how meaningless the world is, naturally they were disappointed. So they responded with irony, satire, putting on airs, all kinds of tyranny. Some even went mad. Nowadays we usually just binge on topics urgent as our selves, our longings for justice and a stable home. Meanwhile the world keeps behaving according to its god: change? meaningless, inevitable, merciless change? obedient to that god's twin commandments endless death, never-ending generation. Watching their children grow, every father every mother already knows this . . . this renewing emptiness. Beyond joy. Beyond sadness.

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