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Original Works


A selection of some of my work from over the years. To browse any and all paintings that are currently available for purchase, you are also invited to visit my Shop. You may also purchase any available work directly from my Studio: contact me to find out how.

I use paint to create artwork that interprets and/or transforms the experience of a scene or environment. Most of my inspiration comes from the physical world as I have witnessed it, and my own reference photos often serve as jumping-off points into the creation of an image or space. I am particularly interested in manipulating the dynamics between foreground and background, representation and invention, structure and play. For the past decade+, my studio practice has been heavily influenced by my work as a professional scenic artist for the stage, television, museums, commercials, etc. I’m fascinated by the idea of creating and transforming environments with- what I truly believe- to be the “magic” of paint. My most recent paintings and watercolors focus on the environment that I care about the most- the physical, natural world in which I actually exist. My personal studio work combines my obsession with environmental and historical preservation and my interest in theatrically created spaces, as well as considering home and habitat: I draw artistic and conceptual inspiration from both the natural and man-man worlds that I find myself navigating. Whenever possible I utilize reclaimed and leftover materials from past scenic projects, creating work that reflects the natural world as I’ve experienced it while also actively striving to keep material out of landfills. The Pandemic Lockdown of March 2020 precipitated what I considered my “Quarantine Artist Residency” and through the end of 2021 I focused mainly on watercolors, allowing me to work through several ideas very quickly. As of January of 2022 I have been transitioning back into creating larger oil paintings which are inherently more experimental and meandering.   

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