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Custom Oil Paintings: Selected Examples

A selection of  recently commissioned oil paintings on canvas (2018-present), depicting scenes of architecture and landscapes. *Not in chronological order*

2023.03.23 SCHUYKILL SUNSET.jpg

Schuylkill Sunset, 2023

18x24" oil on canvas

2019.07 ALWAYS ROOM Bill and Maryann Cloney.jpg

Always Room, 2019

24 x 36" oil on canvas

2019.10 LA VEGA.jpg

La Vega, 2019

18x24" oil on canvas

2022.10.13 219  .jpg
2022.09.2814 .jpg

219 Church Rd, 2022

16x12" oil on canvas

Lindbergh Avenue, 2022

 11 x 14" oil on canvas

2022.02 THE GWYNN HOUSE.jpg

The Gwynn Home, 2022

16x12" oil on canvas

Jack the Cat, 2022

Oil on canvas

2021.06.14 378 ICE POND RD., ARLINGTON VT.jpg

Arlington, Vermont, 2021

24x18" oil on canvas

2020.06.18 320 WAYNE.jpg

Wayne Avenue, 2020

20x16" oil on canvas

2023.08.14 Sense the Unique Along the Journey.jpg
2020.06 I DOLOMITI.jpg

Sense the Unique Along the Journey, 2023

18 x 31"  oil on canvas

I Dolomiti, 2020

48x36" oil on canvas

2019.11 DOUBLE ARCH.jpg

Double Arch, 2019

20x16" oil on canvas


Jungfrau Mountain, 2018

48x48" oil on canvas

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