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Watercolor Paintings, 2020-2022

I began painting with watercolors in January 2005 while studying at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy as an undergraduate. In addition to our large oil painting assignments, my classmates and I were required to create three watercolor paintings from observation each week. While I was not an immediate fan of the medium, it quickly became one of my favorite social activities: my friends and I would frequently get together to paint together, either in each others' apartments or out in the world exploring Florence and taking day trips to other cities and villages throughout Tuscany. Now, playing with watercolors is one of my favorite activities :)

If you're specifically looking to browse watercolors that are currently available for purchase, please visit my Shop! Any and all available paintings can also be purchased directly from my Studio. Contact me for more info!

2021.11 Caleb Pusey House, Build in 1683.jpg
2022.01.10 CHRISTMAS BY THE SEA.jpg
2021.10 LEAF 118.jpg
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