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Selected Paint Skin Collages, 2020

If you're already familiar with my work you may also be familiar with my background as a Scenic Artist: I am often hired to design and/or paint large scale backdrops, scenery, and faux-finishing for television, theatre, museum, schools, etc. As a Scenic I would often collect and save leftover scrap material to reuse or repurpose in my Fine Art/Studio practice.

My series of Paint Skin Collages is one such example. For many years I would peel and save the dried paint from the inside of my five-gallon mixing buckets. These "paint skins" as I think of them are truly beautiful as objects in and of themselves. In 2020 I turned my collection of Pain Skins into a series of over 350 small, square collages (measuring about 8x8" unframed).

Below are a few samples: so far I have only photographed about 50 pieces in this series (eventually I'll get to the rest....!). 

Each collage measures 8x8" unframed.

As of March 2022, I am donating proceeds from sales of selected Paint Skins to benefit victims of the war in Ukraine. (Look for ** ). Click here to browse my collection of blue and yellow (or gold) Ukrainian Aid Paint Skins or  click here to donate directly.

2020.02 01.jpg
2020.02 02.jpg

Paint Skin #1-sold

2020.02 06.jpg

Paint Skin #6

2020.02 13.jpg

Paint Skin #13

2020.02 29.jpg

Paint Skin #29

2020.02 33.jpg

Paint Skin #33


Paint Skin #38

2020.02 72.jpg
2020.02 95.jpg

Paint Skin #95** -sold

2020.02 169.jpg

Paint Skin #169** -sold

2020.02 193.jpg
2020.02 261.jpg

Paint Skin #329** -sold

2020.02 350.jpg

Paint Skin #350** -sold

2020.02 #353.jpg